Tulpi-bin is designer Marco Manders latest design, this new addition to the Tulpi product line stands out through its bright colours and innovative design. With its cheerful and eye-catching appearance Tulpi-bin creates an atmosphere that will encourage people to actually have fun throwing away their garbage. Disposing of waste will no longer be seen as "dull". This way the Tulpi-bin contributes to a clean and beautiful environment. The Tulpi-bin is constructed from a solid round steel post with a welded container tray. A separate inside waste liner provides a large capacity for waste. The whole is enclosed by 3 curved polyester shell parts (SMC).

Sheet Moulding Compound is very suitable for products which have to meet stringent requirements. Its ageing properties are so good that even after many years of outside use with a high UV-load, the mechanical properties of SMC are barely affected. SMC products are impact- and scratch-resistant, colourfast, maintenance-free, temperature- and corrosion-resistant. By adding special additives SMC achieves a high level of flame-retardancy and low waste gas emission. An additional anti-graffiti coating prevents graffiti paint to bond to the surfaces.

Technical Data: