Be kind to nature – keep the environment clean! This addition to the Tulpi product line stands out for its bright color and innovative design. With a cheerful and eye-catching appearance, the Tulpi-Bin attracts people to throw their garbage away responsibly. Disposing of waste will no longer be seen as a chore. The Tulpi-Bin helps people make our world cleaner and more beautiful.

Just like many other tulip lovers from Western Europe, the designers of Tulpi-Design have taken their lead from this round, cup-shaped flower. It’s flow and symmetry forms the basis for the Tulpi-Bin. While the tulip feeds on water, sunlight and minerals, the Tulpi-Bin feasts on litter. A solid round steel stem encloses a tubular frame. A ring for garbage bags ensures a large waste capacity. The whole is surrounded by three curved, composite petals.